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The problem is we’re held back by disempowering thoughts,

unhealthy emotions, inconsistent actions, and limiting language patterns.

What's the cost of underperformance in your life?



Epic Life Secrets gives you the blueprint to FULFILL YOUR DESTINY.


Over the next five weeks you’ll develop empowering thoughts, healthy emotions, consistent actions, and limitless language patterns. You’ll have more clarity,

get bigger results, and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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Epic Life Secrets will show you how to find your purpose and fulfill your potential. In order to do this, you need an Epic Vision and the right rituals to bring your vision into reality. 


The problem is we’re living in a world that breeds disempowering thoughts, unhealthy emotions, and inconsistent actions. This leads to stress, anxiety, and poor performance. 


You know deep inside you’re capable of more. No one feels good living below their potential. This is why you want to enroll in this easy to follow and life-changing program.


All you need to do is register, watch the videos, and follow the plan. 


If you want to stop making the big mistake of playing life too small, then sign up today.

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Chief Legal Officer at Wainwright Investment Counsel, LLC

I found the Epic Life Secrets course to be a transformative experience. This online course is an insightful guide that gives you confidence and insights to master tools necessary to live an epic life.



Financial Advisor at Pacific Advisors

Epic Life Secrets lifted me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have a much clearer vision of what fits into my life and what doesn't. The biggest impact is the freed up mental space to think creatively and positively about my future.



Managing Partner at Bleakley Financial Group

Forbes Top 250 Advisor

Epic Life Secrets helped me find better balance and more peace. The program has been a great gift for me and my firm. It helped us during this global situation because we have a clear vision, purpose, plan and were emotionally prepared.


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There’s zero risk because if during the first 30 days you don’t believe the course is worth your investment, just request a full refund.



Hi, my name is Chuck Downs and I’m the creator of Epic Life Secrets. I’m a Peak Performance Coach for successful entrepreneurs and top financial advisors.

I built this course because I’ve learned the secrets of how to live an Epic Life. I’ve been sharing these lessons for years with my teams, in corporate workshops, and with personal coaching clients that invest up to $70,000 per year to work with me. 


With Epic Life Secrets I’m sharing my best insights for a fraction of the investment of private coaching.


Over the past 30 years I’ve invested over 25,000 hours studying from the top personal development teachers on the planet. I’ve also learned from leading researchers in neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, yogis, monks, and even indigenous shamans.


I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on the quest to fulfill my potential. The lessons I’ve learned have given me the experiences required to guide people to results they never thought could be achieved. 


For the first 25 years of my career I worked in financial services as a Certified Financial Planner. Twelve years into that career I opened a new office in downtown Miami for a Fortune 150 company. Three years after opening, our firm was Top 5 for new advisor production and retention out of over 300 offices nationally. 


But my life hasn’t always been successful. Along this journey I’ve had failures, setbacks, breakups and breakdowns. I know what it’s like to feel the stress of facing seemingly insurmountable challenges then to realize the only way out is up to you.


That’s why I created this course--to give you the blueprint for getting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. 


I invite you to click below and start creating an Epic Life today! 

What Will You Get With Epic Life Secrets

  • Epic Insights To Avoid The Big Mistake of Playing Life Too Small 

  • Neuroscience-backed Discoveries That Rewire Your Brain for Success

  • Daily Practices to Guide You To Do What Matters Most When It Most Matters

  • Ancient Wisdom To Tap Into Your Soul and Find Your Purpose

  • Weekly Planning Processes That Destroys Distractions 

  • Two Daily Rituals Guaranteed To Blow Up Beliefs That Hold You Back

  • An Accountability Plan To End Inconsistent Actions Forever

  • Time Bending Rituals That Create An Extra Hour EVERY DAY 

  • A Guided Exercise to Create An Epic Vision for Your Life

  • Confidence Exercises That Eliminate Insecurity, Self-doubt, Anxiety & Overwhelm

  • Three Techniques to Hack Your Biology And Become Your Own Pharmacist

  • A 2,000 Year Old Secret To Banish Unhealthy Emotions From Your Life

  • Tried and True Methods to Identify and Eliminate Limiting Language Patterns

  • Easy to Implement Techniques That Lock In Excellence in All Areas of Your Life

  • Create Structure, Process, and Flow In Your Life

  • Be a Better More Present Spouse, Parent, Family Member, and Friend 

  • Mindset Maximization Methods That Empower You To Fulfill Your Potential

  • Private Facebook Group Access To Learn With Your Peers

And So Much More!

Epic Life Secrets Weekly Curriculum

Week 1

The Four Choices

In Week One you'll discover the four most important choices you make in life. When you're aware of these choices you'll see and live life differently. These four choices are the foundation to take control of every important area of your life.

You'll learn how to:

  • Experience more of the feelings you want

  • Have less of the feelings you don't want

  • Have a more productive and impactful career

  • Create deeper and more meaningful relationships

  • Enjoy better health

Week One Videos:

Video 1: Breaking The Curse

Video 2: How to Get More of What You Want

Video 3: Rebuilding Your Foundation

Week 2

Your Neon Flashing Sign

In Week Two we dive into the power of having an Epic Vision. You'll be guided step-by-step to create a vision for each of your life priorities.


Your vision will excite you and inspire you. Your vision will push you onward and upward. When you have an Epic Vision for each of your life priorities you'll have more clarity, more focus, more passion and you'll enjoy an Epic Life.


You’ll be guided to create an Epic Vision for each of your life priorities: 

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Emotional and Spiritual Life

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Impact On The World

Week Two Videos:

Video 1: The Power of Having An Epic Vision

Video 2: Creating Your Epic Vision

Video 3: Crossing Your Bridge

Bonus Video: Enjoying The Emotions You Want

Week 3

This Weekly Ritual Changes Your Life

In Week Three we dive into the first of three rituals that are the catalysts that make your Epic Vision reality. There are specific actions that cause us to create a powerful and Epic Life. When these actions become our rituals we take back control of our life.

In this module you'll learn a weekly ritual called The Power Hour.

The Power Hour helps you consistently take the right actions so that you do what matters most, when it most matters! When you do this, your Epic Vision becomes your reality.

Week Three Videos:

Video 1: Your Power Hour

Video 2: Simple Yet Powerful Steps

Video 3: Your Transformation

Bonus Video: My Core Four

Week 4

Become Your Own Pharmacist

In Week Four we dive into two more rituals: The About Me Ritual and Ten Minutes That Matter. The About Me Ritual is done in the morning and Ten Minutes That Matter is done towards the end of your day.

Similar to The Power Hour these two rituals act like turbo-chargers to make your Epic Vision reality.

These daily rituals help you create and experience the best health, relationships, spiritual connection, career, financial freedom, feelings, and impact with your life.

Week Four Videos:

Video 1: Make These Practices Non-Negotiable

Video 2: Two Daily Rituals to Transform Your Life

Video 3: Connect To What Matters Most

Week 5

Find Your Purpose, Fulfill Your Potential

In Week Five you'll discover how to find your Purpose which empowers you to fulfill your Potential.

There are two challenges that cause tremendous frustration and pain in our lives: not knowing our Purpose and not fulfilling our Potential.

With these two challenges defeated you experience the emotions you want and can fully embrace the lifestyle, relationships, health, career and impact you’re destined to enjoy.

Week Five Videos:

Video 1: What Most Messes With The Mind

Video 2: The Foundation of Purpose

Video 3: Living a Life of Happiness And Joy